This volume consists of the first 4 issues,
     and the contents include:

The Cancelled British capital ships of 1921-22
     (in 4 parts) by N J M Campbell
German Destroyer Design 1936-1945 (in 3 parts)
     by Antony Preston
British Destroyer Appearance in World War II
     ( in 2 parts) by Alan Raven
The First Town Class 1908-1931 ( in 3 parts)
     by David Lyon
Italian Littorio Class Battleships (in 2 parts)
     by Aldo Fraccaroli
Inter-war Japanese Warship Design (in 2 parts)
     by Alan Raven
USS Nevada—The ‘All or Nothing’ Armour Scheme
     by Norman Friedman
HMS Ark Royal, 1937 by David Brown
The Kiev—Cruiser or Carrier? by John Jordan
The Genesis of the Big Fleet Carrier–Lexington and Saratoga
     by Norman Friedman
The Polish destroyers Blyskawica and Grom
     by Eugene Kolesnik
The Protection of German World War I Battleships
     by N J M Campbell
The US submarine designs of 1944-45 by Norman Friedman
The Japanese Balloon-Bomb attacks on the US
     by Eugene Kolesnik

Plus a series of ‘Technical Topics’,
‘Classic Warship Models’, Pictorial
Features and Book Review Articles.