Warship Volume XVII (1993)

Editorial 7


Dalhousie : The Last Flagship of the Indian andNavy
     the Question of Imperial Defence by Andrew Lambert 9
USS New Ironsides : America’s First Broadside Ironclad
     by William C Emerson 19
Flights of Fancy: Unusual Shipboard Aircraft Launch and
     Recovery Systems by R D Layman and Stephen McLaughlin 33
Super-Dreadnoughts: the Orion Battleship Family
     by Keith McBride 46
The First Hunter-Killers: British ‘R’ Class Submarines
     of 1917 by David Miller 65
Revolution Manqué: Technical Change in the Royal Navy
     at the end of the First World War by D K Brown 77
The French Flotilla Programme of 1922 by John Jordan 89
Seetakt by P F Wright 105
Japanese Midget Submarines: Kohyoteki Types A to C, by
     Jiro Itani, Hans Lengerer and Tomoko Rehm-Takahara 113
The Admiral Scheer at War by Pierre Hervieux 130
The Akizuki Class by Jiro Itani, Hans Lengerer and
     Tomoko Rehm-Takahara 143
USS Triton: The Ultimate Submersible
     by Robert P Largess and Harvey S Horwitz 167


Warship Notes 188
Naval Books of the Year 206
The Naval Year in Review by Ian Sturton 219
Index 250