Frederick Wagner as a senior and Cadet Major at St. Thomas Military Academy in 1958.

When my mother became ill, I was sent away to boarding school by Uncle Claude and Aunt Leona. This was St.Thomas Military Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was not too far from La Crosse. The school was a college preparatory academy and featured a Junior R.O.T.C program which was quite popular among preparatory schools in the 1950's. About one-third of the students were boarders and the rest were day students. The regiment enrolled about 550 cadets.

I was a staff officer of the first battalion. I also became a "floor commander" my senior year, in charge of the freshmen and sophomore residents. I was seventeen but this was a very serious place. I found an old memo which I attach here from Father Bullock, the Rector, to me MEMO . Father Bullock was later elevated to become the Bishop of the Diocese of DesMoines, Iowa.

You will note a copy of the memo went to W.A.Richard. William "Archie" Richard was my closest friend. He was a Lt. Colonel and in command of all the boarding students. He was from Plaquemines Louisiana and after graduation went to Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. He became a career army officer. He died of wounds received in Viet Nam. I pray for the repose of his soul.

I commanded a drill squad that marched in the St. Paul Winter Festival Parade to the voice of Miss Dinah Shore. I was best known as a jazz drummer and as the escort of an incredibly beautiful girl at the Senior Prom. Her name was Mary Jane and I painted her from memory thirty-five years later. I've always liked the painting, so I show it here MARY JANE.