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 work in progress 1988 still life with fruit and cheese still life with copper pans and grand marnier old woman in her garden mary jane still life of fruit in wicker basket still life with fruit and candelabra fruit plate in two colors sunset bar manhattan beach california old friends at the lake maria ruskin from  bonfire of the vanities the parked car carol does her thing. still life of red venetian glass fish gerald p. openlander in 1984 Rachel Hotz Openlander Baldassare Castiglione after Raphael Julie à la Quattrocento

I have tried to leave the color values in the images as close to the original paintings as possible. There are technical problems with a number of the slides. Some are old and somewhat warped. Most photos were taken out of doors on blue sky days so some color correction was necessary. The color slides were intended only as a photographic record. Those paintings that I scanned directly tended to scatter the light from the canvas surface. Some paintings have faded and would need to be cleaned and revarnished to show the original color. I have tried to compensate for these deficiencies but sometimes I have erred in the direction of change rather than restoration. I hope you enjoy them.



All Paintings © Fritz Wagner 1982-2007