Lissy Voegelin at home Lissy Voegelin. My son David arranged with Paul Caringella for me to meet Eric Voegelin's widow, Lissy. I had taken a course from Eric Voegelin as an undergraduate at Notre Dame in 1960 when he was visiting professor. It changed my life and I was anxious to meet Lissy. She was gracious and intelligent and we remembered things that had happened at Notre Dame thirty years earlier. David had a friend with him from Baden named Ulrich. Although Lissy never allowed herself to speak German, she did make Ulrich comfortable with a few words.

I tried to paint her from memory when I got home but I am afraid I did not come very close. I particularly remembered her expressive mouth. The Photo at the left is of her husband when he was in middle age. In the background there is a sort of dreamy image of EV smoking his cigar. It was kind of scary because it just happened without any deliberation. This is not the final state of the painting. To see the final state go to the DETAIL.