ww Julie alla Quattrocento
Julie alla Quattrocento

Julie alla Quattrocento. Oil on sized paper. An admirable combination of beauty, creative enthusiasm and serenity. "Quattrocento" because Fifteenth Century Italy( the"Quattrocento" in Italian) produced engaging portraits showing the subject gazing directly at the viewer. A lack of makeup lent authenticity to the portrayals.

Why wasn't this put up on this web site a long time ago? Because it was stored with a sheet of wax paper on top of it. The wax paper stuck and when I pulled it off, bits of paint came off with it and some of the wax paper wouldn't come off at all. So it looked like a genuine but deteriorated Rennaisance painting.

I restored it electronically using a program called "Paintshop." It would have taken less time to repaint the damaged areas; but here you have the result: what the picture would look like if perfectly restored and even enhanced in a few places.