Judy in the Velvet Chair

Judy in a Velvet chair .  Painted in 1982 when I was starting out.

I took a photograph, squared it off, squared off the canvas, and transferrred the contents of each little square on the photo to the large square on the canvas. I rendered the whole drawing in ten shades of gray-green, carefully premixed on a precolored ten-shades-of-green palette. Pure cookbook procedures. It took weeks.

Then when I started to add light transparent glazes, I realized I could not put any FORCE into the work, or show vigorous brush strokes, without undoing the delicate tonal underpainting ("grisaille" as it is called and as it was practiced in the fifteenth century.) An expensive lesson to learn what I couldn't stand doing , and yet I rather like this single example of the technique. This detail will show better the work.