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Gallery I

Work in Progress—1988 still life with fruit and cheese still life with copper pans and grand marnier old woman in her garden
mary jane still life of fruit in wicker basket still life with fruit and candelabra fruit plate in two colors
sunset bar manhattan beach california old friends at the lake maria ruskin from bonfire of the vanities The Parked Car
carol does her thing. still life of red venetian glass fish gerald p. openlander in 1984 portrait of rachel hotz openlander
Baldassare Castiglione after Raphael Julie à la Quattrocento

Gallery II

Sue's Hill in Winter Profile of Celia Paul Caringella Incognito Lissy Voegelin at Home Self Portrait Father John Ollivier Judy à la Renoir Still Life with Dried Flowers Livingroom on Willoway Pope Innocent X by Velasquez Clara Serena by Rubens Girl with Earring by Jan Vermeer Hanging Flower Pot with Geranium 1789 Willoway Circle North Miss Liberty Kristin Pencil Drawing of Carl Leaded Glass Ocean Liner Normandie

Gallery III

Annie at John Tennant's Wedding The Bikeshop Self Portrait as U-Boat Commander  Jessica Sue at Her Brother John Tennant's Wedding Celia Devon Sketch of Julie at the Lake Marcel Hundziak Maryann The Night Manager Stillife—Exotic Profusion Nude After Bath Harry's Margo Geranium in Pot

Gallery IV

Detail after Annabale Carracci's Three Marys at the Tomb of Christ Celia in Red Knit Mary Wagner as She Appeared in 1961 Saskia (after Rembrandt)
An Oil Sketch of Ludmilla A Parisian Girl Standing on a Seine Bridge Back of Nude Archduke Ferdinand-after Peter Paul Rubens New Orleans Lorelei In Demand--first state In Demand-Final State LA Barmaid
Girl with Red Hat after Vermeer Ann of Byerly's Port Clinton at Sunset Unknown Nobleman After Velasquez

Gallery V

Vincenzo Capelli after Titian The Party House Talatala Elizebeth Fourment Girl in a Dark Sweater Woman with Water Pitcher after Vermeer Andrea Morning The Orange Float A Woman at her Mirror Sketch of a Model Wax Begonias Nightlamp on Willoway Hamburg Nacht Young Gentleman after Titian

Gallery VI

One More Reason to Bank at the Huntington Maryann II Nude by Stream The Coronation of St. Catherine - Detail (after Rubens) Christ Among the Sinners Circus Trapeze The Smileys Dine at the Minister's Fur Model Stillife after Caravaggio SKETCHES UNFINISHED

Naval Paintings
The Falklands War In Line Ahead Grand Fleet - 1916 The Fleet's In Destroyer Escort in Atlantic Storm USS Ohio SSBN USS Saratoga off Surabaya in 1944